The Fight between Good and Evil

A Story You Tell Yourself

Here are the rules.
In the fight between Good and Evil, peace is Evil’s victory.

Good and Evil cannot coexist.
Evil will never stop being a threat.
That’s in its nature.
And that’s in your nature to be threatened.
This is the kind of war that cannot be stopped.
Good must never cease fire, or they lose.
Never lower the shield, never drop the weapon.
Never open the door.

Don’t let the Devil fools you.
Don’t let them claim to be human.
Don’t hear their words, don’t shake their hand, don’t sit at their table.
They will try anything to make you forget what they are.
But you have to be stronger than that.
You have to protect yourself.
And there is only one way: you have to hate them, with every fiber of your being.

Don’t think it is easy. Hate is hard.
Anger is easy, but anger fades.
Hate has to be sustained on the long term, and that is way harder than everything else.
And there is only one way to hate them enough to be safe.
Never opens the door.
Of your house, of your heart, of your mind, of your soul.
Build a wall and keep them out.
Don’t look them in the eyes.
You don’t have the luxury to think of them as human.
Whatever you do, don’t. look. them. in. the. eyes.
What shine in them are only lies anyway.
Their tears are bait, their laugh is fake, their love is wrong.
It’s all staged, folks!
It’s a setup for you to have feelings.
Don’t let them make you feel. That’s how they get you.

Don’t you remember how disgusting they are? How twisted? How violent?
Don’t you remember the hurt they do?
You’re weak.
They will destroy you if you allow them to.
Because you have feelings and they will take advantage of that.
That’s the only thing they are good at.
They are good at making you doubt.
At making you feel guilty.
At making you feel like maybe you’re hurting them.
But you don’t. Or you have to. Or it’s their fault.
You’re the Good, you’re the Victim, you’re the Pure, you’re the Free, you’re the Brave.
You’re only protecting yourself and those like you.

You’re Good and they are Evil.
They are different from you.
Never forget that.
Because you will have to do very ugly stuff to protect yourself and your kin.
That’s moral strenght.
That’s being a warrior.
That’s doing what’s needed to survive.
I know, it’s hard. It will make you suffer. Throw up sometimes.
But I don’t make the rules.
You’ll have to bear the burden of doing ugly stuff for Good.
That’s how it works. It’s their fault, not mine, not yours.

So shut the doors and the windows,
Of your house and of your soul.
Learn how to be mean.
Despise them.
Learn how to find them laughable when they cry.
To feel disgusted when they smile.
You have to.
That’s the only way to keep you and your kin safe.
The only way to remember they’re the Devil.
Animal. Pervert. Savage. Callous.

Oh, and be wary of those whom the Devil seduced.
Just because they fall for it does not mean you have to.
Humans are so gullible.
Don’t let them the chance to enthrall you.
Don’t trust them. Don’t let them speak. Don’t give them space.
Don’t let them make you believe there’s no danger.
They are the danger. You are in danger.
You cannot not be in danger.

Peace is their victory.
If you allow them to exist, in any way or form, they win.
If you agree to meet, to talk, to deal, to exchange, they win.
If you sign a pact – any pact – with them, the Devil wins.
You’ll regret it.
There is no healing. There is no forgiveness.
There is no conciliation, no peaceful resolution.
You’re weak.
You cannot exist if they exist.
They will kill you. They will rape you.
They will exploit your kindness.
Kindness is a weakness. Hope is a weakness.
Guilt is a weakness. Shame is a weakness.

It’s a weakness they don’t have.
So you have to not have it yourself.

You’re Good and they are Evil.
Peace is their victory.
Never forget that. Never doubt it.
Never open the door. Do what you have to do to keep them out.
Never apologizes. Never feel bad about it.
That’s the only way to survive: never look them in the eyes.