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What I See When I Watch Kevin Spacey's Christmas Videos

I remember, three weeks after I became an abuser, someone in a video I was watching made a joke about Bill Cosby. And, with great surprise and for the first time in my life, I worried for him. I couldn't help but ask myself what does it feels to actually be Bill Cosby? How can someone withstand to be, to actually be, everyday and forever, Bill Cosby? How does Bill Cosby manage to stay alive? And as I felt the pain I pictured must be his, I remember having thought: "Oh, shit. That's who I am, now. That's my new people. So when I watch the Christmas videos of Kevin Spacey, I don't see the same thing that most people do.

For most people, Kevin Spacey is crazy. How can the once-celebrated actor, now poster boy for sexual predation on adolescent men, not understand that nobody wants to hear from him anymore? How can he not get that he's freaking out everyone; that his videos are creepy and, at times, ominous? Most of the reactions on social media are a mix of bafflement, anger and amusement. What does he thinks he's doing, and why the flying fuck does he do that?

Kevin Spacey is crazy. If you follow social media, you've probably heard about Kevin Spacey's bizarre Christmas videos. They generated a lot of reaction from a lot of people sharing online their bafflement, their anger or their amusement at the creepiness of it all.

If you didn't heard about them, a quick recap: Kevin Spacey, once considered one of the greatest actors in Hollywood, is now an infamous poster boy for sexual predation after a number of accusations of sexually abusive behavior surfaced during the #MeToo event of 2017. He was subsequently fired from House of Cards, the TV show he was leading, and every player in the industry cut ties with him (to the point where all his scenes in All the Money in the World were reshot with another actor). His only appearances from them on (if we except the news about the legal investigations against him) are the short videos he posted on Christmas Eve for three consecutive years now.

Kevin Spacey is crazy, because he doesn't understand nobody wants to see him. That's the mainstream reaction to them. And that's true: nobody wants him to post videos of himself, whatever he could have to say.